Running a company. It’s easier than you think. Our upcoming e-book on how to run your own company will help you start up your own company, whether it’s a full time venture or a hobby you want to cash in on. Chapters will appear here along with a link to download the e-book.
 I’ve created multiple companies, helped others create companies and consulted on running existing companies. I’d love to share that knowledge with you or help you out with your own venture.
Update: We’ve completed 3 of the 9 chapters in the book. Here’s a preview of those chapters:
  1. Starting Up
  2. Making Money and Staying Profitable
  3. The Art of Pricing
  4. Thinking Big: Talking in Terms of Millions of Dollars
  5. Enhancing Your Website: SEO, Marketing and Beating the Competition
  6. Working Remotely
  7. Becoming Elite
  8. Taxes
  9. What to do with all that Profit