Our Brotherly War


The Union has split and you must fight your own countrymen with the armies at your command. Maneuver them across the country to capture strategic areas including forts, ports, railroads and ultimately your enemy’s capital.

Our Brotherly War is an action strategy game where you move your armies around the United States and engage in real time battles with infantry, calvary and cannons. Casualties are permanent, resources are scarce, and the battles are uncertain.


  • Fight in real time and feel the chaos of the battlefield, loss of lives as well as defeat.
  • Engage the enemy on the battlefield and overcome their superior numbers with your skill.
  • Use the calvary for speed, infantry for firepower and cannons for destruction.
  • Move your armies across the war-torn country to capture resources. Spread out too thinly, and your armies will be overrun.
  • Manage resources to feed, pay and supply your soldiers.
  • Use slash and burn to destroy vital resources, for both sides.

Our Brotherly War is still in early development, and subject to change. Thanks for checking it out so early and hope you add it to your wishlist!