The Electronic Armory is a resource to acquire¬†knowledge and tools for the digital world. We’ll cover the topics¬†of hardware and software and how they interconnect. We’ll explore topics like mobile development (Android, iOS, etc), electrical engineering (circuits, Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc), software architecture (design patterns, data structure, etc), game development, 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality. Through our tutorials, you’ll learn practical and in-depth skills, not just proof of concept ideas that don’t translate into anything practical.

With 20 years of programming and electrical experience, 10 years of running small businesses and with real world teaching experience at a state university, you’ll find the best tutorials and example code anywhere.

Our tutorials will give you a broad knowledge of many different topics so you can understand this complex world and navigate it with expertise. We believe information should be easily accessible and we don’t need the money, so we’re making all of our information free to everyone.

The Electronic Armory is the technical and research arm of Z Studio Labs, a mobile, game and 3D modeling company.

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