Swift 3 Tutorial for iOS and OS X – Video

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Swift 3 is Apple’s newest version of the popular and highly advanced programming language for OS X and iOS. Swift is open source, so people have adopted it for backend servers and more! It’s a great language with a lot of tools for every situation you’ll run into in the modern world of programming.

In the video below, we’ll talk about variables and constants, for loops, functions and types. It’s a great introduction to a vast programming language, but should get you started and confident to begin learning iOS or Mac OS X application programming.

Swift 3 Tutorial Books and Documentation

cover150x250Be sure to get the free ebook on Swift 3 from Apple. Load it up on your iPhone, iPad or computer and read it anywhere. It’s loaded with everything you’d ever want to know about the Swift language. It can be a bit of a dry read unless you’re into that thing, but it’ll show you things that you never knew existed and how to properly use some of the constructs, which will improve your code and improve your apps.

You can also read the not-dry documentation on Swift 3. Apple has done a great job putting this documentation together. It’s web only but you can still read it on any device that you want.





Swift 3 Help

Questions? Leave a comment below and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


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