Passing Data Between View Controllers – iOS Development in Swift 4 – 06

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In this Swift 4 tutorial, we’ll show you how to pass data between view controllers using a third object that will hold all of our data. We’ll pass data to this third object to hold onto and when the first view controller reappears, we’ll grab that stored data in from that object and display it in a textfield.

This is more highly cohesive, but has low coupling and is scaleable. In future videos we’ll show how to expand upon this app using a tableview and then send out notifications that certain events happened.


This video is part of a free course on developing iOS apps with Swift 4. This course will walk you through the step-by-step features of iOS, such as Swift 4 basics and more advanced topics, Map Kit, Location Services, Table Views and more. Make sure you subscribe to the channel to get more content on topics ranging from iOS, Android, micro services, game development and everything else to arm yourself in the digital world.


Here’s what you’ll find as part of this free course:

Please let me know your comments or questions in each video’s comment section. Hopefully you find these videos useful and I plan on continue to develop and evolve these courses out in the future and as iOS changes over time. This is my second video series on iOS so I hope you find this one just as helpful.





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