Kotlin Variables and Values – Kotlin Android – 03

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In this video, we’re going to explain kotlin variables, how to define them, how to set or instantiate them, how to caste them and how they work under the hood.
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So let’s get started by using our project from the first video. Make sure you watch it if you need help setting up Android Studio, otherwise, let’s jump into it.

Value declaration
val a: Int = 1  // immediate assignment
val someString:String = “”
val b = 2   // `Int` type is inferred
val c: Int  // Type required when no initializer is provided
c = 3 // deferred assignment

var x = 5 // `Int` type is inferred
x += 1

String interpolation
var a = 1// simple name in template:
val s1 = "a is $a"

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