Full Stack App from Scratch – Android and Retrofit – 07

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In this video tutorial, we’ll be using our JHipster full stack application that we’ve been developing in previous videos to back an Android mobile app’s data. Most mobile apps need some kind of shared data store that lives on the internet that the app can use. This may be data directly related to the user, or more generic like in our case.

So, if you remember, our web application will store and display multiple courses and lessons on multiple disciplines that we talk about on the Electronic Armory such as 3D, game development, electronics and of course mobile and web application development. So in this video, I’ll be showing you how to tap into that data and pull it into a mobile app. In the future we’ll build that out into a fully featured mobile app. For now we’ll keep it simple by showing you how to communicate with the web services API that’s built into JHipster. We’ll use Square’s Retrofit library for convenience when communicating to our API, but it’s certainly not needed as you can use the built in networking calls.

In order to allow an anonymous user to pull from our API, you’ll need to change some SQL in JHipster to allow that to happen. You can use this same command through different endpoints to allow or not allow access to certain pieces of data. Watch the previous video on iOS and changing permissions on how to do this.

Once you have your JHipster application up and running. Let’s take a look at it’s APIs using Swagger to investigate how the API works.

Retrofit Library:

Source Code:

Data model:

Part 6 of the series on building a full stack application:

Get JHipster:




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