Blender Beginners Tutorial – Part 3 – Your First Model

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In this video we’re going to show you a few more tools to improve your modeling by using what you already know and adding a few more things on top to model something real. We’re going to do so by building a simple model: a soda can. While it’s not that complex, a can, with all its details, will show you the basic techniques that we use all the time when modeling in 3D. While creating our soda can, we’ll cover a few new tools and techniques and talk more about lighting and introduce you to materials. This tutorial will bring together everything you’ve learned in our previous tutorials and provide you with a real model in the end. In addition to that, you may just feel comfortable enough to head out on your own and model something you’ve been wanting to model.

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So let’s begin our modeling session.
  1. Delete our cube (oh no!)
  2. Add Circle
  3. Extrude in Z direction
  4. Look at in in front view
  5. Adjust
  6. Grease pencil
  7. Loop cut
  8. Leave hole open on top
  9. Grease pencil the can’s hole
  10. Add loop cut
  11. Cut out hole
  12. Reshape hole
  13. Grease pencil tab
  14. Add plain
  15. Add loop cuts
  16. Shape one side, delete half, mirror modifier
  17. Solidify modifier
  18. Solidify can

We’re actually going to stop there for now. In the next video we’ll finish up our can and add some materials to make it look more realistic. In future videos we’ll go more in depth on these subjects. Give this video a like if you want to see more Blender tutorials from the Electronic Armory. Make sure you subscribe to get notified of the next video, whether it’s native mobile development, game development, electrical engineering or anything else to arm yourself for the digital world.



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