Android Development – Getting Started with Android Studio

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In this first part tutorial beginner series on Android development from the Electronic Armory, we start an Android Studio project from scratch. The application will display a basic interface which we will add logic to in the next tutorial. We’ll also create an Android Virtual Device to run our Android application on. This is the default way of running Android applications. You can also connect an actual Android device to your computer via a USB cable, enable developer mode, and choose the device when running your application.

Getting Started with Android Development

First, download and install Android Studio and open it to begin developing your first Android application. Once Android Studio launches for the first time, it’ll ask you to install the Android SDK. The defaults are fine unless you know what you’re doing.

Download and install Android Studio

The video below will walk you through all the steps necessary to create your first Android application. Be sure to subscribe to the Electronic Armory YouTube Channel for more great videos, tutorials and more!

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Install HAXM to Speed up your Android Virtual Devices (AVDs)

To speed up your Android Virtual Device, install HAXM if your computer has an Intel processor. I recommend installing HAXM from Android Studio (see the video above), but here are some instructions on installing HAXM from Intel.

Genymotion as an alternative to Google’s AVD

You can also use an alternative Android Emulator called Genymotion, which uses Oracle’s Virtual Box virtualization software to run a version of the Android OS in a virtual machine. It’s faster and has a lot of very rich features that help in your Android development. While they have a free version, it is for personal use only so any commercial use will require a paid license. For just starting out, you may use Genymotion for your Android development needs. If you’d like to install Genymotion, checkout our Electronic Armory Quick Tip on installing Genymotion

Android development with Android Studio



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