Android Developer Mode on your Device

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If you need to enable Android developer mode and unlock the Android developer options on an Android device or Android emulator (AVD or Genymotion), follow the simple instructions below.

Developer Options

Enabling developer options on your Android phone or tablet unlocks a lot of hidden features intended to help developers debug and gain access to features on the device. You can do such things as, keep the device awake, enable USB debugging, allow mock locations, show touches, graphics debugging, show CPU usage, and my favorite, don’t keep activities alive, which will try to destroy the activities every chance it gets so you can test activity recreation.

Steps to Enable Android Developer Mode

  1. Open the applications section of your Android device.
  2. Find and open the Settings app.
  3. Scroll down until you see the “About phone” or “About tablet” section, usually at the bottom.Android Developer Mode Settings
  4. Scroll down to the bottom until you see the “Build number.”Android Developer Mode Developer
  5. Tap on it 7 times to turn on Android developer mode.Android Developer Mode About

If you want to use your device to debug your Android application from Android Studio, which is the best way to test it, you’ll need to enable USB Debugging in the Developer options menu, which will turn on debug mode when a USB cable is connected. Connect it to your computer, run Android Studio, compile and run your application and Android Studio should pop up a menu asking if you would like to use the device to debug your application. Select it from the list and your app will deploy to the device and run.

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